Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tagged...oh on April 28..oooops!!

Told ya I wasn't lying:) So I guess these are the rules.. ERIN HELLAR tagged me for this. I think the rules are that you have to take a photo of yourself as soon as you see you've been tagged and you're not allowed to primp or get all dolled up....
so here..I tag

Tricia, Alicia, Katy, Kristen and Christina!

Do it... It's super late...1 AM'ish...and I'm single handed typing this as I nurse little Sammie..or Sami...or Sammy...whatever..anyway, it's too late to give an honest update..I'm still half asleep...but I somehow just ran across this pic I took a couple of months ago in reply to being here Erin and thanks sweet you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Samuel is here

Sam is here...3 weeks early!!! I'll have to post my "birthing" story later (because all the guys are gone and I'm going to bed with Sam early tonight!!) but I thought if anyone ever checks this, maybe I should post some of my favorite pics!! My older brother Matt was in the room the whole labor, delivery and post delivery to capture everything in his the beautiful pictures are from him...what a brother...I love him!! Rex was wonderful as was the Lisa (our midwife) and Ronda (our nurse)...and I hung in there..barely!
So without further adue (sp?) is
Samuel Madrid Cordero
born Monday, January 26 at 2:15pm * 6lb 8oz * 19in * and a whopping 13 3/4" head!!

Family of FIVE!!! 1 hour fresh

labor...... about 2 minutes post

I just love this one

This is what Brady looked like at birth too except more skinny

this is cute loves his daddy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

as promised...

Can you see HIM???
Samuel's sweet profile shot
Sam's little foot...toes on the left side, heel on right
Closer profile pic
oops...guess I put two up here!

Sorry it took over a week! I could not get out annoying new printer to scan the ultrasound pics to the computer...also, I cannot figure out how to upload Sam's video..lame computer!! Every time I put the disc in, it just starts playing it and I cannot find an "upload" button to push on any program.. So the most simple thing for me to do without getting upset was take a picture of the picture..nice. and then upload.
So I'll try to work on the video. It is actually really helpful with kids if your homeschooling... or public school too:) In Bible, Science anything...teaching your children about God...We can't see Him but we know He is there and someday (if you love the Lord and you walk with Him) we'll see Him.. Also, kids get to see how God is creating a life and in less than four months we'll see the end/beginning of one of His masterpieces...lots of decide..we don't mind you sharing it with your family:) ....that is IF I ever get it up!
and last but not least....I was wondering who is coming Friday night...a girlfriend of mine just reminded me I was having a "gals movie night" at my home at 7 pm...actually I'll just transfer it on here...hold on...

You’re Invited
Join me for a Gals Movie Night!
Friday, the 17th of October
7:00 in the Evening until……
Cordero’s*ask for my address:)
Please bring a snack to share
(Popcorn & hot drinks provided)
We will be watching: The Inheritance
RSVP to our home or my cell phone or e-mail...
So ladies let me know if you can come...the more the merrier! Hope to see some of you here...and if I didn't hand one of the invites to's because I'm forgetful and I handed them out several weeks ago...How's that for a party hostess:) I love the forgetfulness that is coming with this pregnancy...awkward!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so the name is....

Samuel Madrid! He's a BOY!!!...and we could not be happier..seriously! The ultrasound went wonderfully. The Doctor spent a good 30/40 minutes looking over every cm of Sam's body...and it was beautiful and healthy! We're about 22 weeks along, still due around Valentines Day..Sam is about 11in tall:) and 10 1/2 oz..It's crazy how technology works sometimes..I still don't get how you can see the baby sooo vividly and clear through ALL this girls layers of skin..and other layers:)

Today and yesterday we all woke up just sooo excited! It was cute, in the office, after it was obvious Sam's gender and I said " he a BOY???" The Doctor laughed and said "if he isn't, I want you to come see me after she's born.." Then Brady added "No mommy, it's a Samantha!" I love him. He melts my heart like no other boy...well maybe a couple other guys:) So anyway, we're both healthy, and steadily growing...if only eating healthy and not gaining weight was as easy as it is when I'm pregnant, I'd be a little skinny mini:) I got the go ahead to eat more healthy calories (to gain wait...that has never happened!!)

Well, I'll try to load his first photo shoot and the ultrasound video..don't feel obligated to watch..I'm sure it's something only his mother could stand to watch several times a day!! When we watch it (which has been quite a few since Tues morn) I just marvel that in twenty short weeks God has created, formed, molded and designed every cell, crevice, hair, blood vessel, etc. on this precious child and he's a beautiful amazing little man in progress. We cannot wait to see him, hold him and kiss him till he falls asleep!!! So if you do watch it, it's about 13 minutes, but enjoy watching this sweet babe and seeing Gods work in progress and praise Him with us!! We don't deserve Sam but we are eternally grateful he is entrusting him to us!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alot can happen in 4 months!

So it's been several months and I've been contemplating whether or not to start blogging again.. still not completely decided, but I thought I'd blog quickly today! I'm pretty sure most people know by now, but if not......we're pregnant! We are sooo excited! Our little baby love is due around Valentines, which is just what we would love! We have no birthdays in the family from Jan- July and I don't like being pregnant or recovering in summer-lame:) So there are our big happenings!

We were hoping for a slow and relaxing summer, and of course got quite the opposite! But we learn to roll with the punches...kind of:) We just had our last busy weekend hopefully until Christmas! yeah! So I was planning on starting school with Jaden today, but found was wasn't quite as prepared as I thought. So I think we'll start on Monday now! Home school is amazing!

So I blogged a while ago about cloth diapers....I cannot wait to use them now! I have done my research and feel I can handle it! I really am excited about this! So anyway, it's just about lunch time, and I need my daily applesauce...So we'll see, maybe I'll start posting again!

***Oh yeah...we are totally not secret keepers, so our babes name is Sam. Either Samuel Madrid or Samantha Marie! Also, I'm 15 weeks and we find out in 3 or 4 weeks what will be Sam' full name (we will find out the gender!!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


So a couple of days ago (Wednesday to be exact!!), we were down to like 6 choice! We had tried to potty train Brady a couple of months ago with no not because we didn't try...but because, man my blood runs thick through his veins and he inherited my stubborn heart:( So anyway, I was going to have a girlfriend over on Wednesday and we both ended up not feeling well, so we biggy..I could get my "to do" list done...on the top; school and yardwork, then dishes, vacuum and mop, and clean both bathrooms...nowhere on that list was potty training! I went to change Bradys diaper and saw we were finally drawing near the end and decided to put him in his super cool super hero undies...they are soooo cute! (and ask Alicia, I don't like...excuse me, prefer Spider Man!!)
So he went through 4 pairs of Spiderman underwear and I was feeling defeated...after all, he is a very bright child and understands quite a bit...and he could articulate what I was requesting of him, but just didn't want to do it (he didn't feel like it!) We tried bribing w/chocolate, then bribing by rewarding Jaden each time he went potty...nothing:( So then we prayed about Brady, because clearly it was a character and control issue....and that is something we need to nip in the bum...goodness he's almost 3!
So anyway, all the extra details asside.. Since Wednesday he's had TWO accidents (one last night, and yesterday in the morning on Rexs' shift:) Benji was over and Rex was doing his devotional and told Brady to "wait a minute.." something we know you can't tell a fresh potty trainee!!) So as silly as this post is...I'm stoked!! Now I get a couple months of only ONE child in diapers (3 days a week-Benji) until Charlie or Evalina is here!! I can't wait!!!
Oh, also (not that this is really important or urgent..or that you're interested....but again, my blog!!) So we were inspired and have been for the past year or a girlfriend who uses cloth diapers...Katy you're amazing..and we decided for our next couple of babies (no announcement on being pregnant:( just informing you about when we have our next bundles!!) Anway, we will be doing cloth, thoughtful me, I practically planned our next babyshower for our next son (who I am not pregnant with yet, nor have we decided on adoption, I sounds wild!) moving on...I think a "Diaper and Dinner" Baby shower is just my cup of tea...If like half the ladies could get me cloth diapers and the other half make a dinner to be frozen for after the great does that idea sound??...well, I should stop with that...there are a ton of baby showers coming up and I can't wait to get all of these ideas out!
Yeah for potty training!!